I had the pleasure of going to Cuba in November 2017 with some artists and like-minded friends.  This trip had been a goal for many years, and was finally accomplished with a group organized by a friend, Sandy H., through Overseas Adventure Travels.  Although I have long admired photography by others of the Cuban people, landscape and urban scenes, at first I was hesitant to use my camera.  I was a little depressed about being there as a photographic tourist when I saw for myself the economic hardships as well as wear and tear on the physical fabric of the country.  Then as I felt the vibrant spirit of the Cubans, I became less hesitant to use my camera.

 Still, "straight" photography is not my greatest talent, and I was somewhat disappointed by the quality of my shots.  However, I clicked away, occasionally knowing that a particular image was worthy of "developing" when I got home.  One such photo was of some bags on the grounds of Finca Vigia, Hemingway's Cuban home (now museum).  I started with it, and was so happy with the result that I had the courage to see what I could make of others.  My penchant for photomontage took over, and the results to date are posted here.  With regard to the photomontages, these are all composed of images taken in the same locality, or at least in Cuba on this trip.  Setting this sort of limit is a challenge I set for myself.  

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